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We've been leading the way for over 45 years.


Excellence is always our standard for every business interaction we have.

Proudly Celebrating 45+ Years of Business
3 Divisions Serving Specific Market Channels
Resident Territory Managers Covering 8 States
Providing Sales Results Through Strong Customer Relationships  

Sherman-Pearson Company is an Independent Manufacturers Representative based in Cleveland, Ohio dedicated to providing best-in-class support for automotive needs.

Sherman-Pearson Company was founded in 1977 by Lewis R. Sherman and Robin H. Pearson. Fast-forward to today, we've developed into a Multi-Market Channel, Independent Manufacturers Representative with dedicated sales professionals in each market channel we serve.

Automotive & Performance, Heavy Duty, Paint Body & Equipment, and MRO/Industrial are the channels that we sell and service. Each channel is managed by dedicated people, recognizing the diversity of the customer base and providing solutions through specialization and expertise in each respective channel.

Multi-divisional selling provides manufacturers we represent the maximum exposure of their product through multiple market selling.

Our Services

Sherman-Pearson Company satisfies Customer and Supplier needs for a Professional, Trusted, and Reliable Source for Business Solutions.

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Automotive & Performance

We provide a wide range of Automotive and Performance services, including Traditional, Retail, Performance, Hardware, MRO/Industrial, Tool, and E-Commerce.

Heavy Duty

We specialize in providing Heavy Duty services, catering to HD Distributors, Fleet Specialists, OEM, Truck and Trailer Dealerships, Fleets, as well as National Accounts.


Paint, Body & Equipment

We provide a range of Paint, Body, and Equipment services through our PBE Warehouses, Paint Specialists, Tool & Equipment WDs, and Mobile Tool offerings.


Our MRO/Industrial services include distribution for Maintenance & Repair Operations and Industrial supplies, as well as Fastener Distribution and National Account Management.


Territory Experts

Choose your territory, find your representative.



Evan Tenney

Kent Wells

Matt Zarlenga



Matt Marron


Mike Mowchan

Matt Zarlenga


George Cyhan

Kent Wells

Matt Zarlenga

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Trade Affiliations

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Our Leadership

Our company's strong foundation is built upon our people.

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Why Use Manufacturers’ Representatives?

What's the value of using Manufacturers Representatives in the heavy-duty market?

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Sherman-Pearson Company
26309 Miles Road

Suite 5
Cleveland, Ohio 44128

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday

8:30AM - 5:00PM

Call Us:
(216) 464-3094

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